10 Ecommerce Automation Tools

Are you a retailer who runs his own web shop using Magento? You must manage the ecommerce website successfully and provide the clients with prominent services, but it takes a lot of time and effort. If you’ve faced the same situation and doesn’t know how to handle it, you’re suggested to consider some contemporary automation tools that allow you to prioritize the time.


The tool is excellent and allows you to plan the social media posts according to the schedule. Once you put your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, specify a time-frame to post and relax, as all relevant posts are sent out as it is planned. The trick helps your company remain updated and keep in touch with customers of your brand.


This is an awesome tool for those engaged in Instagram and Facebook activity. You’re able to create ads for these social networks in your own name. In addition, there’s an opportunity to solicit clients by sending personalized emails, promoting items as well as posting updates there.


This is a must-have tool that helps to establish better customer relations. Store owners can get customer service automated if applied the bot. The process of providing customer support gets more simple and the service team doesn’t suffer from overloading.


The tool is supposed to be best-loved due to the pluses it brings. Items can be imported in one click including copies, images, product information. With the help of the tool, ordering process gets easier.


This is a contemporary ecommerce tool used for making some e-business activities automated. The following actions can be assigned:

  • to share posts by itself after they are published;
  • to specify emails campaigns;
  • to set reminders for special events;
  • to monitor market activity.


Google Alerts

The powerful tool allows you to conduct market research to keep in touch with the situation. You can be aware of how it is going on at your competitors. Moreover, you can monitor the articles related to your brand. In case if there’s new content appeared on the Internet, you’ll be notified of it.


The device is used for automating email campaigns. Emails can be scheduled for a definite period of time. It helps to be in touch with your customers on a going basis. The tool is considered as perfect, as it produces more sales.

Loyalty Points

The contemporary tool is centered around constant customers and the way to retain them. It implies that customers are gifted with points for the purchases they’ve made. The shoppers like such a loyalty program, as it’s a great opportunity to have a beneficial deal by buying more.

Product Reviews Addon

The tool helps to get shoppers leave reviews on the product they’ve bought. They automatically receive emails where they’re asked to write feedback. Shoppers leave reviews as well as rate the product, as the system is rather convenient.

Consistent Cart

The application helps shoppers complete the purchase when they leave their carts full of products. Then shoppers receive email notifications that trigger them to make these purchases.


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